“I create for my happiness”

Welcome to the imaginary world of Georges de Groot, where daring, colorful paintings introduce the viewer into a fascinating universe, where all things conceivable exist.

The viewer admires the scene, while simultaneusly admired back by a myraid of figurative and abstract creations, sprouted from the artist’s unbridled imagination and his strong influence from nature. Designed in his characteristic, unique style.

With the theme in mind, he starts the process full of passion; the canvas constantly changes in color, texture and depth, resulting in interesting, contrasting shapes and color compositions with powerful lines.

The process is finished when he experiences harmony. Or in other words, when the canvas "no longer speaks to him".

The artist hopes that his work will inspire people and make them think about everything that lives on our fragile planet Earth!

Georges lives and works in the Netherlands and regularly exhibited both nationally and internationally.